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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Health Connect Family Practice Telehealth clinic offers pay per visit option. We are self-pay only practice, which means we do not accept insurance at this time. We accept credit cards and debit cards payments. We do not bill insurance, so this means we cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare patients. If you have insurance, you may be able to use your benefits towards coverage of your labs, imaging and medications.

We provide cost effective health care services without the stress of high insurance deductibles and co-pays. Patients may find that our discounted self-pay prices are more affordable. 

Credit Card
Blood pressure monitor

How are chronic conditions monitored such as diabetes or hypertension?

We ask our patients to keep blood pressure log and a glucose log at home in order to adjust medications appropriately. We may also need to order blood work for diabetes at the time of visit.

***We cannot make INITIAL diagnosis of hypertension and/or asthma as in-person physical exam is required. If the provider determines that an in person physical exam is necessary, we will refer to a local health care provider.

Preparing for Telemedicine visit

At the time of service, we ask our patients to upload photo ID and complete intake forms, which are sent to patients after appointment is scheduled.

Filling Out a Medical Form
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